About Osloregionen

The Oslo Region alliance was established on 1.1.2005 and consists of 78 local authorities, including the City of Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Hedmark and Østfold counties and the municipalities surrounding Oslo. The Oslo region has about 2.1 million inhabitants.
The alliance is a collaborative, political membership organisation, the goal of which is to strengthen the Oslo region as a competitive and sustainable region in Europe. This regional political collaboration is a response to increasing pressure for growth in a national perspective, as well as increased competition from ever-stronger European cities and regions.

The strategy for achieving the overall goal is twofold:

• Direct efforts to profile and market the Oslo
region internationally.

• Efforts to positively influence various factors that make the Oslo region more competitive and sustainable.


The Council is the highest political body of Oslo Region alliance, and is made up of the mayors of the municipalities and counties in the region, as well as the governing mayor of the City of Oslo.

The Board is the executive body of the Oslo Region and has a total of 18 members. The Board’s membership is a representative selection of the region’s municipal mayors, the mayors of Akershus and Buskerud and vice mayor of Østfold counties, as well as the governing mayor of the City of Oslo, who is the Board’s current chairman.

The Secretariat serves the Oslo Region’s political bodies and is responsible for overall coordination of the administrative work of the alliance. The alliance has a liaison group and technical groups with members from the region’s municipal and county administrations.

The following focus areas have been defined for the alliance:

  • Joint profiling
  • Competence, innovation and competitiveness
  • Spatial development, transport and communications
  • Climate policies

Contact information

Portrettbilde Øyving Såtvedt


Øyvind Såtvedt
Tel: 926 62 986
E-mail: oyvind.satvedt@osloregionen.no


Grethe Salvesvold

Chief Adviser

Grethe Salvesvold
Tlf: 480 88 828
E-post: grethe.salvesvold@byr.oslo.kommune.


The Oslo Region
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